Light Up The Corners Glow Run


Q. What if it’s raining/thundering/lightning?

A. This is a rain or shine event. That said, should there be lightning/thunder in the area at the time the event or in the immediate forecast, we will delay the start until it has passed over.

Q. Where is race headquarters?
A. Race headquarters changes from year to year because we use empty store locations at The Forum. This year, the race headquarters will be in the space in between Loft and Pandora (same place as last year).

Q. My child is signed up for the Twilight Trot. Can I accompany him/her during the race?
A. Yes, if you can keep up!

Q. Are dogs allowed?
A. No, our insurance coverage does not allow for dogs to be on the course.

Q. Will there be a finisher’s medal handed out to everyone?
A. Only finishers of the 1k Twilight Trot will receive a finisher’s medal

Q. Will the road be closed for the Glow Run?
A. No. Currently, Gwinnett County does not allow road closures for this race. That said, there will be a coned-off lane for the race as well as twenty police and many more volunteers on the course trying their best to make sure no cars travel in the same direction as our runners/walkers.

Q. Why is the 1k the same price as the 4 Mile glow run?
A. Because our costs for participants in the 1k is the same as the 4 mile race. In fact, the 1k participants also receive a t-shirt, and receive even MORE glow swag, a glow toy, AND a finisher’s medal at the end.

Q. Where do volunteers go to check in?
A. Generally speaking, to race headquarters. Volunteers will receive an email with pertinent details about 5 days before the event.

Q. Where is the start/finish of the race?
A. Please check our website for a map of the race course. All races begin and end at the center fountain area at The Forum.

Q. Is there a minimum age for the Twilight Trot?
A. No younger than 1 week old, please. Strollers allowed.

Q. Are strollers allowed on the 4 Mile Glow Run?
A. Yes. For the safety of all, we ask that people pushing strollers start in the back of the pack.